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Diving with Manta rays

raies manta

Older islanders remember they were already in the lagoon of Maupiti when they were young. Althougt they live in Maupiti lagoon all year round, Manta rays are particularly observable from March to October.

Seeing a manta ray is always a magical experience. We observe them every morning near a coral reef where they are being dewormed by small cleaning wrasses. Manta rays often travel in groups and are naturally curious. This exceptional dive allows us to watch them for a long time, and interact with them if they allow us.

raies mantaraies manta

For a serene approach

raies manta

The Manta rays skin is very fragile and is covered with a mucus which serves to protect them. Every contact deteriorates their skin. By touching a Manta ray, we increase the risk of infection and put their health at risk. Do not forget that there are wild animals, it is important to contemplate with respect without interfering. It is therefore forbidden to touch them.

Recreational Scuba Diving

raies maupiti

This observatory dive takes place inside the lagoon at a depth of 10m. The current and the visibility of the site are variable. Divers (5 maximum), are grouped together on a sandy bottom just a few meters from the massive coral background on which Manta rays come to be cleaned. Curious, they regularly fly very near the dive team.

raies manta

In the same dive, you will also have the opportunity to see lagoon fishes, pearl oysters, shrimp bulldozers and with a little luck, some beautiful nudibranchs.

For non-certified divers : Discover pack

raies manta

This Pack consist of 2 dives in one morning. It is specially adapted for people with a first experience in scuba diving.

The first immersion takes place at a depth of 2 meters. After a few exercices, equivalent to the beginning of CMAS level 1/ PADI Open Water, to ensure your safety during immersion, Yannick will decide whether it is possible to make a second dive in the company of the Manta rays.

If he feels that you are uncomfortable after the first immersion, the second immersion will then take place on the same spot but at a lesser depth to explore the many inhabitants of the lagoon. You will be able to see the Manta later, with snorkel.

raies manta

Conditions to dive with the Manta:
- To be comfortable in the water.
- To have already completed at least one first dive.


raies manta

As a diving club priority is given to the divers. However, if you are travelling with a diver who has booked for a dive in the company of the Manta rays, providing that the current is not too strong and there is a spare spot on the boat, we will take you with pleasure! If it is not possible, don't worry: most accommodation in Maupiti offer the Manta tour or alternatively you could also call Sammy Tours.